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Why Trade
Jones Mutual?

Team up with Jones Mutual for trading success in the financial market. We provide one of the world's most professional trading platforms, enabling you to kickstart your financial career and start successfully trading today!

Start Trading in 4 Easy Steps


1. Register

Simply click on ‘Start Trading’ below. Enter your name and basic details and choose your password. That’s it. You’re on the team.


3. Fund

You are almost ready to hit the field. Choose your payment method by clicking on the ‘deposit’ in your account. Enter the amount and details to transfer.


2. Verify

Now let’s make sure your account and funds are kept safe. A short verification procedure ensures security and smooth transactions.


4. Trade

That’s it. You are set. Now get out there! Explore the variety of assets and trading tools. Get relevant market data and start trading.

Stay up to date with and Cryptocurrency Market Insights

Here at Jones Mutual we provide you with the most accurate and far-reaching details on your favorite asset and the market. Get exact numbers, comprehensive graphs, clear overviews and extensive history about all asset types for which s are available at Jones Mutual.

Find out which Cryptocurrency is the most active, which are the most promising and which may be losing ground.

See which stock quotes are on the rise and follow up with the price curve for technical analysis. Check Forex rates and understand where your best opportunities are waiting.

Become informed before everybody else and be better than the competition.

The Most Powerful Trading Platform

With the Jones Mutual Trading Platform, you will have infinite possibilities with a diverse range of worldwide markets at your fingertips. Whether you're a beginner or advanced user, the online trading platform will scale according to your experience level.

On The Spot Trading

Get precise control of your trades with Jones Mutual’s state of the art technology.

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Trading Courses

Efficient coaching is necessary to climb up to the top of the league. In our Trading Course section, you will find a variety of resources to become a champion trader.


What makes trading s with Jones Mutual so special? Our extensive literature. Visit our blog section advice and trading tips on a wide variety of markets.

Trading Videos

Need a quick reminder, some inspiration or a short training session to get your trading-muscles in shape? That’s what our trading videos are here for.


Become familiar with all related vocabulary, so you won’t find yourself offside. A complete glossary is quickly and easily accessible on this platform.


The Jones Mutual eBooks will help you qualify for the highest league of traders. Start with the basics and move on to more advanced trading techniques.

Trading Tools

Trading Calendar

Understand the important events that influence the market

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Trading Strategies

Learn the strategies of the top scorers and be the next

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List of Assets

Easily find any trading asset from the complete list

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Trading Graphs

Daily financial news customized specially for Jones Mutual traders

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