Cryptocurrency News

To understand the Cryptocurrency market, it is important to follow the specifically related news. You need to make sure to keep yourself informed because regular financial market news does not necessarily cover all relevant Cryptocurrency news.

Cryptocurrency, a Different Kind of Asset

Cryptocurrencies differ from other assets in a number of ways. First off, they have not been around very long compared to the other underlying assets. As a matter of fact, as the millennium started digital currency was still science fiction, although numerous developers were working on initial versions. The first coin appeared on the internet less than 10 years ago. It was, as you probably know, the Bitcoin.
Today there are hundreds of different Cryptocurrencies available and most are used as an investment tool. This shows the incredible development this type of asset has made in the short time they have been around. The growths of its value as currencies and also as an asset is extraordinary.
Due to its nature, Cryptocurrencies are traded only online. Naturally, the exchanges are digital exchanges because the asset is a digital asset in itself. This puts Cryptocurrencies in a somewhat independent position.
Another significant characteristic of Cryptocurrencies is, that they are not regulated. Value and price are not controlled in any way by governments, central banks, cartels or other influential bodies, as is the case with other asset types.

What Influences Cryptocurrency Prices?

Whatever impacts other currency markets do not necessarily impact the digital market. Most political and economic events that shape the markets have less influence on these currencies unless it involves them directly. The prices are mainly governed by the amount of demand for a coin.
All this makes Cryptocurrencies more unpredictable when compared to conventional financial investment assets. Which events move values and how is not always obvious, because it is basically in the hands of investors. The value is largely determined by what people believe the asset is worth.
On the other hand, the potential of this new asset is still inconceivable. With new currencies being issued every week, an end or slowing down of the trend is not in sight. No one can confidently forecast how far the Crypto-wave is going to reach.

Stay Informed About Cryptocurrency News

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We strongly advise you to find additional sources of information. There are still many questions surrounding Cryptocurrencies and some governments feel threatened by their existence. Regulations are not final and vary from region to region. Changes may occur suddenly and when they do, you should be the first to know. Check our daily news videos and find financial news specializing in Cryptocurrencies.