The Jones Mutual e-books provide a solid basis needed to become a champion s trader in the field. Everything you want to know about the financial markets and how things work we’ve collected and put into a series of e-books.

Financial Trading eBooks

This e-book gives you a broad overview of everything important in and around the financial market. Everyone on the team should make sure to read through this at least once. It can make the difference between being a regular trader and a smart trader.
You will learn about factors that influence the market, as well as the impact psychology, has on your trading behavior. You will also gain insights on how to read and understand financial graphs, learn some basic methods of analysis and even some principals of how to build a strategy for your online s trading.
Each chapter ends with a set of exercise files. Use them to make sure you are able to implement what you have learned.

Asset Type eBooks

When you are ready to move up a league, there are three additional e-books to guide you along the way. Jones Mutual’s experts have created these three e-books, each concentrating on a specific topic:
  • The commodities and futures contracts e-book provides an understanding of what is unique about certain commodities and how trading commodities s is different from, let’s say stocks s or indices s.
  • For stock related trading a separate e-book is available, in which you will find out how s work. You will also learn about the history and the specific advantages of this type of online trading.
  • And finally, there is an advanced online trading e-book for those who want to really get serious.

Reading all e-books will allow you to trade much smarter. We do recommend to read them thoroughly one by one, making sure that you completely understand the material. You should also try what you learned step by step, before moving to the next chapter. Put the knowledge you gain to use on the actual market, but do not try to do it all at once. This way you can gradually become a real expert trader.