Trading Videos

Online Trading may seem like a complicated venture at first. That’s why we set up this educational training and coaching section for you. Make yourself familiar with all you need to know, quickly build confidence and you’ll soon be able to trade s like a pro. Videos are a convenient and easy-to-understand way of obtaining the basics of online trading. It takes time to become a champion trader, but these videos will help you get started and accompany you all the way to becoming one.

Videos for Beginners

With the beginner videos at Jones Mutual, you quickly acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to make reasoned and fact-based decisions. Learn to think like a trader.
We encourage you to start with the basic introduction video if you are new to online trading. In the following videos, you will receive useful information to develop your understanding of common tactics and strategies. You will find out about different investment types and what risk is involved in each. Also, receive tools on how to minimize risk effectively and learn which role emotions can play. Most importantly, we’ll give you tips on how to stay in control.

Advanced Videos

If you have already gained some experience in online trading, you want to check out the advanced videos section at Jones Mutual. Different aspects of online trading and s in particular, are addressed in each one of them to provide you with the skills required to become a master.
Here you will get guidance on risk management and understand how to analyze the market in more depth. You also get insights on how to identify trends and what they mean. For better understanding make sure to watch the videos in the order they are listed.

Remember, there is always more to learn. The training section here at Jones Mutual also offers complete training courses, e-books, and a comprehensive glossary. All free for you to use and make the best out of your online investment.

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