Step 1
1. Choose asset
Search your asset or choose
market, then select asset
Click on one of the asset types to open a drop-down list of all assets in that market.
Click on the asset to view chart. Or use the search field to find a specific asset.
Step 2
2. Set trade size
Decide on the size of your trade by
selecting lot volume.
The size/volume of a trade is determined in lots, which varies for each asset. Choosing the number of lots automatically calculates the value of your trade and shows the margin required in your account currency.
Step 3
3. Buy or Sell
Chose 'buy' for a long trade,
click 'sell' to choose a short trade.
'Buy' initiates a ‘long trade’ and you profit on rising asset value. 'Sell' initiates a 'short trade' and you profit from a decrease in value.
Step 4
4. Invest
Click 'Advanced' to set auto-closing limits for your trade. Click 'Invest' to open trade. Set an upper and/or a lower limit, at which your trade will automatically close. Mark 'Stop Loss' to determine the maximum loss and mark 'Take Profit' to determine the desired profit.
To open the trade click “Invest”. You will immediately see your order on the lower panel.
Step 5
5.Monitor and close
Check progress in ‘Open Trades’ tab.
Click ‘Close’ to end trade.
Check progress daily on the lower panel under open trades. Unless you have set limits, which will close trade automatically, click “Close” on the very right of the respective trade to exit trade.