Trading Tools

If you’ve read the trading strategies, you will quickly understand the importance of the tools accessible on the Jones Mutual platform. trading tools provide all the information you need to reach smart investment decisions on time.
The tools will also help you select an efficient strategy and plan your next action. When it comes to your money, decisions should be well-founded on actual data. With these tools, you have all the relevant data available exactly when you need it most.

Daily Financial News Videos

Watch the daily news feed on the Jones Mutual homepage. The video presents a concentrated overview of the most important financial news of the day. Stay updated with the most significant events impacting the market. Get a survey of the most influential stock and indices rates, as well as the most significant currency pairs.
Analysts at Jones Mutual collect and pick the most valuable information for you as a s trader. Make sure to start your trading day with the daily financial news-roundup at Jones Mutual.

Tools for Technical Market Analysis

Forex Heat Map

The Forex Heat Map tool provides you with live reports on rates and movements. See the value of each currency against every other currency. Compare rates displayed on an all-inclusive currency table.
The report updates live, and you can follow-up easily on all developments. Visually visible color indicators signal price changes as they happen. A rising currency rate is displayed in a green field on the table, while a red field indicates a decreasing rate. You will also be able to discern currency pairs with a high trading volume and strong volatility at a glance with this tool.

Stock Market Volatility Indicator

The Market Volatility Indicator lets you instantly find the top scoring stocks on any market. See which the best-performing stocks are, in other words, the biggest gainers, and which are losing the most. For s traders, both are equally relevant.
In addition, you will find a list of the most active stocks, which you can then investigate more. Select the period for which you want data to be displayed and view the graph for technical analysis. Or simply compare numeric figures on the list view.

Economic Event Calendar

The Economic Calendar is like a bulletin board keeping you informed about the most important upcoming economic events. This tool is the most important device for traders choosing to trade according to economic news rather than based on technical analysis.
For any investor, it is a critical component and key to understanding market movements and changes that may not follow a definite pattern. You will find all expected publication dates of financial figures, such as interest rates, manufacturing performance indicators, import/export figures, inflation rates and more listed here.

Asset Listing

All Trading Assets listed in one big inclusive index. Find out which assets are available for s trading on Jones Mutual. Are you looking for a local stock or index? Find them in their designated category.
Also get necessary details on the most popular assets and see what the trading hours are. Note that the times s can be traded on a specific asset depends on the opening hours for that particular market. Make sure the asset you want to issue your for is available when you are about to take action or adapt your own trading hours to the market hours.